Les Olivades Marrakech, an arts & events villa

17 kilometers away from Marrakech, extends over one hectare, a magical place stands!
A heaven on earth; it is Les Olivades Marrakech.
Only 15 minutes far away from the airport, and 8 to 20 minutes from the most beautiful golf courses in Marrakech, such as Samanah, Royal Palm or Assoufid; your amusement is guaranteed!

A rich variety
of decorations!

In the municipality of Tamesloht, Les Olivades Marrakech, as contemporary styled as it is, offers a magnificent view of the High Atlas with, in the foreground, an area of sixty hectares of olive and orange trees, creating a landscape of majestic diversity.

Les Olivades Marrakech

A promising quality of service!

An interior that shines with comfort, elegance and light!

You find all the possible conveniences in one living room: a 4k television space and Bluetooth Devialet Phantom Gold 4500 W speakers adjusted to enjoy a musical break, with a fireplace area to relax. High quality acrylic mineral everywhere: kitchen, bathrooms, headboards, desks, and furniture.

An outside area for extra chill; next to a pool area, and under olive trees strapping. And what an exceptional property!



Under the Starry Sky of Marrakech!

Les Olivades Marrakech, a 5 room villa, equipped with air conditioning, television, safe, desk area, Italian shower, bathroom with two basins, and separate WC, to provide you what you need and deserve.

Les Olivades Marrakech

The masterpiece of Gérard IFFRIG!

Gérard Iffrig the sculptor seems to come from a distant horizon, his trajectory is precise, his sovereign gesture unites the vision of the artist and the work of the craftsman… SCULPTURE for a sky full of winds, clouds and rain. The silence crosses it, the light envelops it. It is this WHITE and it looks for an encounter in our eyes.

It is printed on sand, rooted in clay, anchored on rock, its presence “testifies”.

A powerful testimony to the passage of man, in this gaze that listens, the word becomes silence, it is an emotion that questions. His sculptures impose their imprints, offer landmarks, invite us to follow the path of his art, to the limit of what is possible, at the moment when everything is transformed.

Michèle Dolfi-Mabily
Painter Artist

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Les Olivades Marrakech also offers to host your events :
Weddings, birthdays, private parties, congresses or concerts, whatever it is; Les Olivades Marrakesh is ready to host your 10 guests if not 500.
We believe in the importance of celebrations and feeling welcomed.

Propriété Fouk Sakya, Douar AL Aine CR,
Tamesloht MARRAKECH 40 000
Réservation :

Tel: + 212 665 427 220

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